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The Team

The ADA Team

Our licensed and certified team of professionals collectively has over 100 years of indoor air quality experience. You can speak with one of our Certified ASCS (Air Systems Cleaning Specialists), CIE (Certified Indoor Environmentalists) or Licensed Mold Assessors or Licensed Mold Remediators.

Petrina Tebor
Pompano Beach, Florida

Petrina Tebor”s career in the mechanical HVAC Hygiene field was inspired in the United Kingdom where her asthmatic condition was adversely affected by mold. Read More

Michael Tebor
Pompano Beach, Florida

Michael Tebor”s career in indoor environmental remediation and controls spans over 35 years. Michael began his career in a Coca Cola manufacturing plant where he was in charge of microbiology and equipment sanitation. Michaels’ college level air conditioning and psychometric studies, and his experience in performing thousands of microbiological tests assisted him in founding Air Duct Aseptics in 1990. Read More

Gregg McGee
Auburndale, Florida

After many years in the food service management in New England, Gregg joined A.D.A. in November 1994 and is A.D.A.’s General Operations Manager. Read More

Molly Sookhoo
Pompano Beach, Florida

Molly has been with Air Duct Aseptics for over 12 years. Molly began as a Customer Service Representative and through well deserved promotions, is Customer Service Manager. Molly manages all Customer Service and Sales calls. Molly coordinates all statewide service and sales activities throughout the state of Florida.

Charles Tino
West Palm Beach, Florida

Charles joined A.D.A. in January 1995 and is Florida”s Senior Project Manager. Read More

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