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Air Duct Cleaning Pompano Beach

Air Duct Cleaning in Pompano Beach
ADA was established over 25 years ago and continues to provide customer respected and client conscious air duct cleaning in Pompano Beach. As certified members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), we service commercial and residential properties throughout Pompano Beach. We are also a FPL Participating Contractor, a State Licensed Florida Mold Remediater, a Class A licensed air conditioning contractor, and licensed Aeroseal Duct Leak Diagnostics and Repair Specialists. That’s a lot of qualifications that are hard to find in one place! Our Air Duct Cleaning Include:
  • Certified Duct Inspections and Cleaning to National standards set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)
  • Duct Leak Diagnostics
  • Duct Leak Repair with Aeroseal
Our Air Conditioning Restoration Services Include:
  • HVAC Air Conditioning Repair, Refurbishment, and Remediation
  • Dryer Vent Exhaust Cleaning and Restoration
Additional Indoor Air Quality Services:
  • HVAC Hygiene Inspection
  • Certified Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Licensed Mold Remediation
  • Licensed Mold Assessment
Simply put, nobody knows air duct cleaning in Pompano Beach better than us! With numerous certifications and licenses, decades of industry knowledge, and professional customer service, we are your certified and trusted experts. Still not convinced? Visit our customer testimonial page to see what our customers have to say. Our industry expertise coupled with the concern we have for the wellbeing of Pompano Beach residents propels our mission for better air quality and comfort. Are dust, unpleasant odors, and visible signs of mold keeping you up at night? It’s possible that your air conditioning unit is contaminated and requires cleaning. But you’re in luck! ADA also provides certified air conditioning refurbishment and remediation services. Air Conditioning Contractor Class “A” – CAC057550 Florida Mold Remediation Contractor = MRSR802

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