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AC Preventative Maintenance

AC Preventative Maintenance
Once your AC system has been properly cleaned and remediated, simple, reoccurring scheduled maintenance inspections should be performed to ensure continued clean and healthy air. A clean and properly maintained system will help:
  • Reduce musty odors associated with moldy systems
  • Provide clean and healthy air flow
  • Reduce the likelihood of equipment breakdowns
  • Reduce AC electrical energy usage
  • Increase or restore your A/C system capacity
  • Reduced likelihood of condensate water flooding
  • Extend your A/C equipment life
  • Reduce the frequency of future duct cleaning
A dirty evaporator coil will reduce cooling capacity and degrade equipment, reducing energy efficiency. A clogged evaporator coil reduces air flow through the coil, causing the compressor motor to consume more energy. Exposed to unfiltered outdoor air, condenser coils easily trap dust and debris, raising the condensing temperature and reducing the cooling capacity. According FEMP, a Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) study showed that a dirty condenser coil can increase compressor energy consumption by 30%. With our certified AC maintenance services you’ll save money by cutting down on overall energy consumption.
Service Plans
Service plans that include AC preventative maintenance provide ongoing service to ensure your air conditioning system operates to the original manufacturers’ specifications.
A Typical A/C Maintenance Service Plan includes:
  • Inspect evaporator coils for cleanliness
  • Clean condensate drains and add algaecide tablets
  • Replace standard filters (or clean customers)
  • Monitor A/C and heat cycles
  • Clean and adjust blower components
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Measure volts/amps
  • Inspect ductwork plenum
  • Measure airflow
  • Apply protective coating to equipment
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Monitor refrigerant levels
  • Check and calibrate thermostat
  • Check compressor

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